Vodafone Postpaid Duplicate Bill Process

Vodafone Postpaid Duplicate Bill Process

You can get the 1st 3 pages of the duplicate bill from the Vodafone store if you visit with your Original Proof of Identity & Written Application for same. Due to privacy reasons they do not maintain records of the individual sites browsed by customer/s Your Itemized bill contains details of the browsing sessions in KB/GB.

You can view your detailed bill free of cost on My Vodafone, and access your bills for the past 12 months.

Subscribe to E-bill service free of cost and register your email ID with Vodafone. For email ID registration SMS EBILL <email ID > to 199 (toll free) and then send SMS ACT GOGREEN to 199


No Charges

Itemized Bill:

An Itemized Bill gives you a break-up of your local, STD & international calls, SMS, monthly rentals and download details along with destination number and call duration. It helps you keep track of your expenditure.

Activation Process

Log on to My Vodafone and activate the service

To activate – SMS ACT IB to 199(toll free)

To deactivate – SMS CAN IB to 199 (toll free)

TAT for Activation/Deactivation of Itemized bill service is 48hrs

Call 199


There is a nominal charge of Rs. 49 / month for Itemized Bill.