Telenor Prepaid Gujarat Mobile Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

Telenor Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Internet and SMS Plans: provides you with latest information about mobile prepaid recharge offers, Topup plans, STD/Local plans, SMS packs, 2G/3G/4G internet recharge plans, special tariff vouchers, full talk time plans of Telenor for Gujarat region. This page contains all the latest plans for Telenor Gujarat zone.


Combo Plans

428All Local and STD @1p/sec
85All Local and STD @25p/min
3628All Local/STD Calls @ 25p/min
4328All Local and STD Calls @ 30p/min
4528All Local & STD calls @ 30p/min
49285200 sec Local U2U & 4800 sec All India Calls
732112,500 All India secs
8484All local/STD calls @25p/min
992119,000 All India secs
12428300 min All Local & STD
2539053,000 All India secs for 28 days after that All Local/STD calls @ 1p/sec for next 62 days

Internet Plans

9245 MB Data
142100 MB Data
153Unlimited Whatsapp + Facebook + 100 MB Data
256150 MB Data
276Unlimited Whatsapp + Facebook + 100 MB Data
4214Unlimited WhatsApp + Facebook + 200 MB Data
4714250 MB Data
6321Unlimited WhatsApp + Facebook + 400 MB Data
89151 GB Data
9728Unlimited Whatsapp + Facebook + 1 GB Data
10256Unlimited WhatsApp + Facebook + 100 MB Data
10728750 MB Data
125281.25 GB Data
15156Unlimited Whatsapp + Facebook + 2 GB Data
161282 GB Data

ISD Plans

19282p/sec US_Canada, Canada Fixed, Canada, USA Fixed, Alaska, Dominica, Puerto Rico Fixed, USA, @3p/secUnited Kingdom Fixed, United Kingdom,@4p/sec Malaysia Mobile,@5p/sec Hong Kong Fixed
11128US_Canada, Canada Fixed, Canada, USA Fixed, Alaska, Dominica, Puerto Rico Fixed, USA Talktime of Rs 100,United Kingdom Fixed, United Kingdom @2p/sec,Malaysia Mobile @3p/sec,Hong Kong Fi 4p/sec

Local Plans

63666 Sec for Local U2U & 666 Sec for Local U2O
1228All Local @ 1p/2 Secs with Daily First 60 Secs of the day Charged @ 1p/1 Sec there after 1p/2 Sec
1328All Local calls @1.2p/2 sec
17726,000 Local U2U secs
2228Local U2U @ 1ps/10Sec
2377000 sec Local U2U & 3000 sec Local U2O
2428All Local Calls @25p/min
2928All Local calls @ 1p/2 sec
3728500 Local U2U Mins
382129,000 Local U2U
44152000 seconds Local U2U & 6000 Seconds Local U2O
482842,000 Local U2U secs
5584All Local Calls @25P/Min
109289000 Local Sec
1192813,500 All Local Sec+ 6,000 Local U2U Sec
1312820,000 All Local Sec & 10,000 Local U2U Sec
1492826,000 Sec Local U2U and 24,000 Sec Local U2O
197302000 mins for Local U2U and 700 mins for Other local calls
19828500 Minutes Local U2U and 500 Minutes Local U2O free and 100 MB data for 1 Day
20128900 All Local Mins
21928100000 Local U2U secs and 44000 Local U2O
24928145,000 Sec Local U2U and 55,000 Sec Local U2O
60190126000 Sec Local U2O and 360000 Sec Local U2U calls

Roaming Plans

3130Unlimited free incoming while roaming in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra & Goa, UP East and UP West
61180Per second voice tariff in home circle, Outgoing Local Calls @1.6P/Sec and STD Calls @2.2P/Sec & Local SMS @Rs 1/SMS & national SMS @Rs 1.5/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS.Roaming outgoing Local calls @80P/min and STD calls @1.15P/min; Roaming Incoming calls @45P/min;SMS outgoing Local @25P/SMS and STD @38P/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB
9330International roaming
1199180Unlimited Free incoming and Outgoing Local Calls @80P/Min & STD Calls @1.15P/Min & Local SMS @25P/SMS & STD SMS @38P/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB

SMS Plans

1628Daily 1st 2 SMS charged @ 50p / SMS, then 98 local + national SMS free for the day
3928First 1000 local and national SMS free
46282500 Local + National SMS free

STD Plans

1828All STD call @30p/Min with Daily First Minute of the day Charged @ 60p/Min there after 30p/Min
211550 STD min Free
3428STD Calls @30p/min
6428150 STD min free
9828275 STD min free
12328300 STD min free
19428650 STD min free

Unlimited Plans

72Unlimited local U2U Calls
5814Unlimited Local U2U Calls
8821Unlimited Local U2U Calls
10128Unlimited Local U2U calls free;Local U2O calls @30p/min
23890Unlimited Local U2U