Telenor Prepaid Andhra Pradesh & Telengana Mobile Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

Telenor Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Internet and SMS Plans: provides you with latest information about mobile prepaid recharge offers, Topup plans, STD/Local plans, SMS packs, 2G/3G/4G internet recharge plans, special tariff vouchers, full talk time plans of Telenor for Andhra Pradesh & Telangana region. This page contains all the latest plans for Telenor Andhra Pradesh & Telengana zone.


Combo Plans

628All Local & STD calls @ 1p/sec
84All Local & STD calls @25p/min
2228All Local & STD calls @ 1p/2 secs , 1st 120 secs daily @ 2p/sec
3328All Local & STD calls @ 25p/min
5990All Local & STD calls @ 1p/2 secs , 1st 120 secs daily @ 2p/sec
8390All Local & STD calls @ 25p/min
11128Talktime Rs. 30, 30000 Local U2U secs, 100 Local U2U SMS per day, 1 GB data
19990500 Any STD / Local minutes; 500 Local U2U minutes for 28 days, Beyond that All Local & STD calls @ 1.2p/sec for 90 days
22160Talktime of Rs. 222; All Local & STD calls @1p/2 sec (1st 120 secs of the day @2p/sec)
2532852000 Any Local / STD Secs
77790120000 Any Local / STD seconds for 28 days, All Local & STD at 1.2p/sec for 90 days

Internet Plans

9260 MB Data
143Free Facebook + WhatsApp + 125 MB Data
1530Unlimited WhatsApp
1630Unlimited Facebook
247250 MB Data
2830Unlimited Whatsapp and Facebook
4330Unlimited Facebook + WhatsApp + 250 MB Data
4721400 MB Data
5728Unlimited Facebook + WhatsApp + 500 MB Data
8928750 MB Data
98281024 MB Data
146452048 MB Data

ISD Plans

19282p/sec US_Canada, Canada Fixed, Canada, USA Fixed, Alaska, Dominica, Puerto Rico Fixed, USA,@3p/sec United Kingdom Fixed, United Kingdom,@4p/sec Malaysia Mobile,@5p/sec Hong Kong Fixed

Local Plans

12286000 Local U2U secs
1714All Local calls @ 25p/min
212812000 Local U2U secs
253Talktime of Rs 25 and 5 Local U2U Night mins
26143000 Any Local secs
2928All Local calls @25p/min
42285400 Local Secs
68289500 Sec Local calls
6990All Local calls at 25 p/min
9714300 Local U2O Mins & 1000 Local U2U Mins
1091460000 Secs Local U2U and 17000 Secs Local U2O
1582830,000 Sec Local calls
20928120000 Local U2U secs and 30000 Local U2O secs
22928120000 Secs Local U2U and 38000 Secs Local U2O calls
2529050000 Any Local seconds & 50000 Local U2U seconds for 28 days, Beyond that All Local & STD calls @ 1.2p/sec for 90 days
55590120000 Any Local seconds for 28 days, All Local & STD calls at 1.2p/sec for 90 days
59990120000 Secs Local U2U and 40000 Secs Local U2O every month for 3 months

Roaming Plans

1128Unlimited Free incoming in Karnataka,TN & Outgoing Local Calls @80p/min & STD Calls @ Rs.1.15/min & Local SMS @25p/SMS & STD SMS @38p/SMS & GPRS @20p/20KB while roaming
3130Unlimited free incoming while roaming in Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra & Goa(Excluding Mumbai), UP East and UP West
61180Per second voice tariff in home circle, Outgoing Local Calls @1.6P/Sec and STD Calls @2.2P/Sec & Local SMS @Rs 1/SMS & national SMS @Rs 1.5/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS.Roaming outgoing Local calls @80P/min and STD calls @1.15P/min; Roaming Incoming calls @45P/min;SMS outgoing Local @25P/SMS and STD @38P/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB
9330International roaming
1199180Unlimited Free incoming and Outgoing Local Calls @80P/Min & STD Calls @1.15P/Min & Local SMS @25P/SMS & STD SMS @38P/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB

SMS Plans

71525 Local + National SMS free
1328Get 50 Local and National SMS
2728All Local U2U SMS @ 1P and All other Local & National SMS @ 5P
4628100 sms per day (85 local + 15 all india SMS)

STD Plans

231450 STD mins
4428100 STD mins

Unlimited Plans

31Unlimited Local U2U calls
187Unlimited Local U2U Calls
3214Unlimited Local U2U calls
5221Unlimited Local U2U Calls
6428Unlimited Local U2U calls
13990Unlimited Local U2U calls