MTNL Prepaid Mumbai Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

MTNL Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Internet and SMS Plans: provides you with latest information about mobile prepaid recharge offers, Topup plans, STD/Local plans, SMS packs, 2G/3G/4G internet recharge plans, special tariff vouchers, full talk time plans of MTNL for Mumbai region. This page contains all the latest plans for MTNL Mumbai zone.


3G Data Plans 

675120 days4 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.73
775150 days5 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.68
1251365 days900MB/Month with talkvaue of Rs.0.65
25230 days1.3 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.94
38960 days2 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.66
54990 days3 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.67

Combo plans

7715Talktime : Rs. 25 SMS : 77(Local+ National) Data Usage : 350 MB

Combo Plans

252301.3 GB free local video calls 25
451302.5 GB free local video calls 50
749304.4 GB free local video calls 75
249960100 GB free local video calls 150

Plan Vouchar

101365Calls(Voice & Video)
Mobile(local+STD) : 3p/2sec
Landline Calls(Local+STD) : 2p/sec

Roaming Plans

311180Outgoing local (Home) : 90p/min;
Outgoing STD (Home ): Rs. 1.40/min
Outgoing local (National Roaming) : 80p/min;
Outgoing STD (National Roaming ): Rs. 1.15/min
Incoming : Unlimited Free
    7530Outgoing Local  & STD (Home) : 80p/min;Outgoing Local  & STD (Roam) : Rs. 1.15/min;Incoming : Free with talkvaue of Rs.0.47
4215Outgoing Local & STD calls (Home & National roaming): 4p/3 secs (1.3p/sec),Incoming : Free with talkvaue of Rs.0.54
311180Rs. 1.15/min
7530Rs. 1.15/min

SMS Based Data Plans

143 days70 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.02
 221 day150 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.25
767 days500 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.28
5215 days300 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.32
5130 days100 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.43
9930 days500 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.48
12130 days750 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.08
12615 days800 MB with talkvaue of Rs.0.42
15230 days1 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.62

Special Tariff Voucher

     2530Night Calls (11pm-8 am) :Dolphin & Trump Mobile : 5p/minOther local:30p/minSMS: Local MTNL:5pRegular Calls (Voice & Video) :Local MTNL:20p/min,Other Local : 50p/min,STD: 75p/min with talkvaue of Rs.0.59
33    30Calls (Voice & Video): MTNL Network 1st Minute- 30p 2nd Minute- 20p 3rd Minute onwards-10p/min Other Local &BSNL Mah. & Goa 1st Minute- 50p 2nd Minute- 40p 3rd Minute onwards-30p/min Other Local Network in Maharashtra & Goa- 50 p/min STD- 75p/min with talkvaue of Rs.0.11
3925Calls(Voice & Video) : Local : 40p/min,STD : 45 p/min with talkvaue of Rs.0.57
4560Calls(Voice & Video),Mobile(local+STD) : 1p/sec,Landline Calls(Local+STD) : 2p/sec with talkvaue of Rs.0.27
4790Extension of  tariff Validity to 90 days,Free 500 SMS (MTNL N/W) with talkvaue of Rs.0.16
48 90Calls(Voice & Video) ,(Local & STD) :48p/min with talkvaue of Rs.0.15
4930Calls(Voice & Video) : Local : 35p/min ,STD : 40 p/min with talkvaue of Rs.0.37
6360Calls (Voice & Video) Mobile Calls: MTNL N/w(mumbai+Delhi) :  1p/2sec,Other Local & STD : 1p/secLandline(Local+STD) : 2p/sec with talkvaue of Rs.0.53
19830Calls (Voice & Video) – Local MTNL: Unlimited Free,Other local & STD : 70p / min with talkvaue of Rs.0.04

Top Up Plans

85 365 Extension of Tariff Validity to 365 days

 Special Data Plans

29930 days2 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.64
101130 days10 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.56
118990 days9 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.45
194960 days20 GB with talkvaue of Rs.0.58