Mobile Number Portability MNP Process Videocon

Videocon Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Process

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to switch from one mobile operator to the other, within a circle, without changing your mobile number. With Mobile Number Portability you can switch to Videocon Telecom Services while retaining your old number and enjoy the best combination of superior services and great value on an un-crowded network.

It is simple! Generate a Unique Porting Code (UPC) from your mobile number. To generate a UPC, SMS “PORT” (space) mobile number to 1900 Visit your nearest ‘Videocon Retail Outlet’, submit mandatory documents and fill the Customer Application Form and Port-in form, pay Port-in fee (as applicable), get a new Videocon Telecom Services SIM and request for port-in. Click here for a list of Mandatory Documents. New SIM purchased will be activated* within 7 working days. Activation date and time will be informed to you through SMS. Simply insert the Videocon Telecom Services SIM into your phone and enjoy our services.(*Subject to positive verification) {You can continue using your old operator SIM apart from 2 hours of “No service Period” which will be communicated to you by SMS}.

Whenever you want to Port-in with a new service provider, you need to send an SMS PORT to 1900 to generate a unique porting code. This code needs to be clearly mentioned by you in the Port-in form at the time of giving the request.

Conditions to be fulfilled for Port-in are:

  1. You should have served a period of 90 (ninety) days on your current service provider from the date of activation/ last Port-in.
  2. Port-in can be done within the same circle.
  3. Before the date of application for porting, you should have no outstanding payments to your current service provider by way of pending bills.
  4. You should have no pending request to change ownership of your mobile number.
  5. You should confirm that the mobile number to be ported is not sub-judice.
  6. The porting of your mobile number should not have been prohibited by the court of law.

Turnaround time for complete Port in process is 7 days. (Subject to positive verification)

The Port-in fee that can be charged to you is a maximum of Rs. 19/ (per Port-in request). (As per TRAI guidelines).