MNP Mobile Number Portability Process Vodafone

Vodafone Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Process:

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that allows you to switch over to another mobile service provider while retaining your existing mobile phone number. With MNP you can now keep your mobile number and also enjoy the best of services with other network without needing to inform all your contacts about your new number.

So who is eligible for MNP? Any customer who has been using their connection for more than 90 days and has paid up all postpaid bills (if applicable). Other criteria can be viewed on the website

How do I join Vodafone keeping the same number?

Visit our Vodafone Store or Vodafone Mini Store OR Any retail outlet near your location

Generate an 8 digit UPC code by sending PORT10 digit Mobile no to 1900

Fill up the CAF and Porting Form and submit your documents (Proof of ID & address & 1 Photograph)

Submit your documents.


Visit nearest Vodafone store.

If you’re a post-paid subscriber, a paid copy of the last bill issued has to be attached

If you are a pre-paid subscriber, the balance amount of talk time, if any, at the time of porting will lapse

Porting charges of Rs. 19/- will apply to be paid (Non-refundable charge)

PORT<10 digit Mobile no> to 1900 – SMS Charges would be as per the SMS Plan , in case if there is no SMS plan, then the charges would be Rs.1

MNP request will be processed in 7days with a no service period of 2hrs

You will be intimated via SMS about the date and time of porting