MNP Mobile Number Portability Process Telenor

Telenor Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Process

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that allows you to switch over to another mobile service provider while retaining your existing mobile phone number. With MNP you can now keep your mobile number and also enjoy the best of services with other network without needing to inform all your contacts about your new number.

So who is eligible for MNP? Any customer who has been using their connection for more than 90 days and has paid up all postpaid bills (if applicable). Other criteria can be viewed on the website

The transfer of the number is free of charge. You do not pay any fee but you have to pay all dues and charges to the current provider.

You may apply at the stores of the receiving provider (the one, to which you wish to transfer the number).

Steps for National MNP Telenor

  • SMS PORT <Mobile no.> to 1900 to get your UPC
  • Walk into the nearest telenor store at the location you plan to move to.
  • Fill the Subscriber Enrollment Form and submit with your passport size photo, ID & address proof documents. If you’re a postpaid subscriber, a paid copy of the last bill issued has to be attached. Please ensure that your bills are paid.
  • Choose your plan
  • Collect your new SIM from the store and insert it in your phone once your old SIM disconnects.
  • Your new Mobile operator may charge Rs. 19/- as porting charges.