MNP Mobile Number Portability Process Aircel

Aircel Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Process:

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that allows you to switch over to another mobile service provider while retaining your existing mobile phone number. With MNP you can now keep your mobile number and also enjoy the best of services with other network without needing to inform all your contacts about your new number.

So who is eligible for MNP? Any customer who has been using their connection for more than 90 days and has paid up all postpaid bills (if applicable). Other criteria can be viewed on the website

How do I join Aircel keeping the same number?

Buy a new Aircel SIM and fill Customer Enrollment Form (CEF) and Mobile Number
Portability (MNP) form.Submit both the forms with other required documents to the
retailer or at any Aircel store


SMS ‘Port XXXX (10 digit existing mobile number)’ to 1900 from your current mobile
number and get an 8 digit code through SMS.Please share the code with the retailer
or Aircel store executive


You will immediately receive an SMS confirming port order. Later, you will receive another
SMS confirming the date and time of porting. At the scheduled date and time replace your old
SIM with your new Aircel SIM and dial 59059 to process Tele verification in-order to activate the number. Then do an applicable recharge to enjoy Aircel services
on your current number.

To switch, call 9700797007 (exclusive MNP helpline for non-Aircel users) or visit your nearest Aircel Store.