Idea Prepaid Jammu & Kashmir Mobile Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

Idea Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Internet and SMS Plans: provides you with latest information about mobile prepaid recharge offers, Topup plans, STD/Local plans, SMS packs, 2G/3G/4G internet recharge plans, special tariff vouchers, full talk time plans of Idea for Jammu & Kashmir region. This page contains all the latest plans for Idea Jammu & Kashmir zone.


2G Internet Plans

5125 MB
10150 MB
153100 MB
3830*200MB Whatsapp
5914375 MB
9721650 MB
125281 GB
149281.2 GB
19728Speed 40kbps post 1.5 GB and 20kbps post 2.5 GB

3G Internet Plans

8120 mins
213100 MB
3728Internet usage at Rs 0.004/10KB
3830*200MB Whatsapp
7728Internet usage at Rs 0.003/10KB
9828300 MB
12328375 MB
1317 days*** (1 Saturday and 1 Sunday within the span of 7 days)1 GB over 1 Weekend**
15628450 MB
19828600 MB
249281 GB
349281.5 GB
43128 days*** (4 Saturdays & 4 Sundays within the span of 28 days)4 GB over 4 Weekends**
449282 GB
74828Speed 40kbps post 4 GB and 20kbps post 5 GB
94928Speed 40kbps post 6 GB and 20kbps post 7 GB
124928Speed 40kbps post 9 GB and 20kbps post 10 GB
149928Speed 40kbps post 11.5 GB and 20kbps post 12.5 GB
234928Speed 40kbps post 20 GB and 20kbps post 21 GB

Combo Plans

9110 Local Idea Night Minutes (11pm to 6am)
1613 Local Idea Night Minutes (11pm to 6am)
3313 Local Idea Night Minutes (11pm to 6am)
3553 Local Idea Night Minutes (11pm to 6am)

Extra Talktime Plans


Full Talktime Plans


I2I Special Tariff Plans

152Local Idea Night Free (11PM-6AM)
155Local Idea @ 10p/Min
19265 Local Idea Mins
235Local Idea @ 10p/Min
347Local Idea @ 10p/Min
394135 Local Idea Mins
6415Local Idea @ 10p/Min. 1st 60 secs of the day (Local Idea Calls) @ 1.5p/sec
655250 Local Idea Mins
6930Local Idea @ 10p/Min, 1st 120 secs of the day (Local Idea Calls) @ 2p/sec
948315 Local Idea Mins
11430Local Idea @ 10p/Min
24717Local Idea Free Calling
24828850 Local Idea Mins
298283000 Local Idea Mins
34830Local Idea Free Calling

ISD Special Tariff Plans

230Gulf* (Saudi, Bahrain & Kuwait) @ Rs 7.86/min, UAE @ Rs 8.76/min,  US/Canada & Bangladesh  @ Rs 2.99/min ( Promotional offer from 17 June till 31st July )
1728Bangladesh @ 4p/sec, US/ Canada @ 2p/sec, UK LL / Australia LL / New Zealand LL @ 2p/sec, Malaysia / Thailand / Singapore @ 4p/sec, Nepal/ Kuwait/ Bahrain @ 11p/sec, Saudi Arabia @ 12p/sec & UAE @ 15p/sec

Local Special Tariff Plans

1330All Local Calls @ 1p/Sec
159Local @ 30p/min
2628All Local Calls @ 30p/Min.First 120 Sec @ 2p/Sec
4316All Local Calls @ 30p/Min
6330All Local Calls @ 30p/Min
9915225 Local Minutes

National Special Tariff Plans

73All Local & STD Calls @ 35p/min
2912All Local & STD Calls @ 1.5p/2sec
3612All Local & STD Calls @ 35p/Min
5530All Local & STD Calls @ 40p/Min
7510135 Local / STD Minutes
7830All Local & STD Calls @ 35p/Min

Roaming Special Tariff Plans

59610International Roaming Pack for UAE** NO Talktime. Incoming calls at Rs. 30/min & Outgoing calls at Rs. Rs.30/min, Outgoing SMS at Rs. 25 per SMS, Incoming SMS Free
149630International Roaming Pack for UAE** NO Talktime. 30 minutes Incoming Free. Post Free minutes Incoming calls at Rs.30/min & Outgoing calls at Rs.30/min, Outgoing SMS at Rs.25 per SMS, Incoming SMS Free

SMS Tariff Plans

5330 Local/ National SMS
84 Nights75 local/national SMS per night for 4 nights (12AM-6AM).
9760 Local/ National SMS
121580 Local/National SMS
2730180 Local / National SMS
4530300 Local / National SMS

STD Special Tariff Plans

147STD @ 35p/Min
1518STD @ Re 1/3 Mins
1828STD @ Re 1/3 Mins
2512STD @ 35p/Min
2811STD @ 25p/Min (100 Mins)
5130STD @ 35p/Min

Topup Plans