Airtel Prepaid Assam Mobile Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

Airtel Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Internet and SMS Plans: provides you with latest information about mobile prepaid recharge offers, Topup plans, STD/Local plans, SMS packs, 2G/3G/4G internet recharge plans, special tariff vouchers, full talk time plans of Airtel for Assam region. This page contains all the latest plans for Airtel Assam zone.


2G Data Recharge

71 day35 MB 2G data
153 days75 MB 2G data
183 Days90 MB 2G data
255 days125 MB 2G data
4430 days200 MB Whatsapp
487 Days250 MB 2G data
7310 Days350 MB 2G data
7730 Days200 MB Whatsapp + 200 MB Facebook
9820 Days500 MB 2G data
12528 days525 MB 2G data
15428 Days1 GB 2G data
17428 days1GB 2G data and 50MB whatsapp and 50MB FB
19828 days2GB 2G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
29928 Days3GB 2G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
39828 days4GB 2G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
59928 Days6GB 2G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps

3G/4G Data Recharge

81 Day25 MB 3G data
263 days80 MB 3G data
531 Night1GB 3G data (00: 00 to 6 AM )
10121 Days300 MB 3G data
15328 days500 MB 3G data
15530 days500 MB 3G data of both 2G and 3G. Thereafter 8p per 10 Kb in 2G and 4p per 10 kb in 3G
24928 Days1 GB 3G data
26528days1GB 3G data and wynk plus subscription (free songs streaming in wynk)
44928 Days2 GB 3G data
65528 Days3GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
74928 Days4 GB 3G data
75528 Days4GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
85528 Days5GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
94928 Days6GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
125528 Days9GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
149928 Days10GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps
155528 Days12GB 3G data thereafter unlimited data @40kbps

Full Talk-time Recharge

557 DaysFull talktime of Rs.55 + 1 local airtel SMS free for 1 day
140UnlimitedTalktime benefit ranging from Rs140 to Rs 200. Assured talk time Rs140
270UnlimitedRs. 233.84 Talktime
330UnlimitedRs.330 Full Talktime
390UnlimitedRs390 Full Talktime
510UnlimitedRs 520 More than full Talktime
1000UnlimitedRs.1020 More than full Talktime

National Roaming

61 DayRoaming Tariff – Incoming calls @ 10p/min, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
3410 DaysRoaming Tariff – Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
7930 DaysRoaming Tariff – Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
18828 DaysRoaming Tariff – Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min with Talk Time 120 in main A/c
30628 DaysFTT 306 with Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min

Special Recharge – STV : Combo

11 Day10 local and STD SMS
2180 DayLocal calls @ 2p/sec and STD calls @ 2.5p/sec
42 Days20 Local and STD SMS
53 daysLocal and STD Mobile calls @ Rs 1p/sec
117 Days200 airtel local sms
125 daysLocal calls @ 40p/min
132 day22 airtel minutes,2days
1628 daysAll local @1.25p/sec and STD @1.4p/sec, 28days
1710 daysSTD calls @40p/min, 10days
195 daysAll Local Mobile calls @ 35p/min
2156 dayslocal mobile 1.5p/s and std mobile 1.6p/s, 56days
225 daysLocal airtel mobile @20p, 5days
2456 days1.6p/sec local and STD calls
2710 daysAll call @ 45p/min, 10days
284 days45 Local minutes, 4days
293 Days75 airtel minutes,3days
315 daysLocal Airtel @ 15p/min, 5days
3228 dayslocal mobile @ 1p/s and std mobile @ 1.2p/s, 28days
3328 daysSTD calls @45p/min, 28days
3528 Days450 Local and STD SMS
3628 daysNepal/ Bhutan/ Romania Rs 5.99 /min, Bangladesh Rs 2.20 /min, Saudi Arabia Rs 7.49 /min, USA/ Canada/ Singapore Rs 1.49 /min, Malaysia/ Thailand Rs 3.49 /min, Russia Rs. 12.49/min, Russia (land line) Rs7.49/ min, U.K(land line) Rs 1.49/mi 
3828 daysall mobile calls at 55p/min, 28 days
3928 daysSTD calls @40p/min, 28days (NEW PRODUCT)
455 days110 airtel minutes ,5days
4628 Daysall mobile calls at 50p/min, 28days
4928 dayslocal @45p/min, 28days
5421 daysLocal airtel call @30p, 21days
5928 daysLocal airtel call @30p/min, 28days
637 days150 airtel minutes, 7days
6420 daysLocal airtel call @25p, 20days
6528 Daysall mobile calls at 45p/min, 28days
6630 Days75 video calling minutes
6828 dayslocal @40p/min, 28days
7528 Days1000 Local and National SMS
7828 dayslocal @35p/min, 28days
8528 daysAll call 40p/min.28days
917 days150 local Minutes
9321 daysLocal airtel @ 20p/min, 21days
9528 daysLocal @30p/min, 28days
9714 days140 Local + STD minutes, 14days
995 days350 airtel minutes, 5days
10514 Days185 local minutes, 14days
11928 dayslocal airtel @ 15p/min, 28days
13984 daysAll mobile calls @ 45p/min
15215 days0, 60 ISD mins for selected countries*
15921 DaysRs. 80 TalkTime and 250 Mb 3G Data
19914 day600 Local Airtel minutes, 14 days
20928 day460 local minutes, 28days
21828 days700 local airtel Minutes
26928 days1000 local airtel Minutes
34730 daysRs. 100 Talktime and 1 Gb 3G data
34930 daysPowerful 349 – 6000 local airtel minutes
39928 DaysUnlimited 399 – Unlimited local airtel minutes
40928 daysPowerful 409 – 6000 local airtel minutes + 1500 local airtel SMS
49928 daysDaily100 Airtel toAirtel STD Minutes for same day use

Top-up Recharge

10UnlimitedRs.7.77 Talktime
20UnlimitedRs.15.54 Talktime
30UnlimitedRs.23.32 Talktime
40UnlimitedRs.32.09 Talktime
50UnlimitedRs.40.86 Talktime
60UnlimitedRs.49.63 Talktime
70UnlimitedRs.58.4 Talktime
80UnlimitedRs.67.18 Talktime
90UnlimitedRs.75.95 Talktime
100UnlimitedRs.84.72 Talktime
110UnlimitedRs.93.49 Talktime
120UnlimitedTalktime benefit ranging from Rs.110 to Rs.150. Assured Talktime Rs.110
160UnlimitedRs.137.35 Talktime
170UnlimitedRs.146.12 Talktime
200UnlimitedRs.172.44 Talktime
210UnlimitedRs 181.21 Talktime
220UnlimitedRs.189.98 Talktime
230UnlimitedRs.198.75 Talktime
240UnlimitedTalktime benefit ranging from Rs.230 to Rs.300. Assured Talktime Rs.230
290UnlimitedRs.251.39 Talktime
300UnlimitedRs.260.16 Talktime
400UnlimitedRs.347.88 Talktime
500UnlimitedRs.435.6 Talktime
520UnlimitedRs.453.14 Talktime