Aircel Duplicate Sim | Lost Sim | Replace Sim

Aircel Duplicate Sim | Lost Sim | Replace Sim

First block your current Aircel phone number:

In case you’ve lost your phone you can block the SIM card by calling 121 and informing our Customer Care Officer

For new replacement sim:

In case your SIM card is damaged or lost and you would like to have a new SIM card, kindly visit the nearest Aircel Store for a replacement. Kindly ensure to carry proof of identification like – Driver’s license, Voter ID card, Government issued ID card etc.

The new SIM card is available for Rs. 25 at Aircel Stores.

Once the new SIM card is activated, all the services are restored as on the previous card. Kindly note: that your contacts and sms on the previous SIM card will not be available.

In case you take a new SIM card, your contact list will not be transferred automatically. If you have the old SIM card still in working condition you would need to do it manually.

  • Rishabh Saxena

    sir i have lost my aircel no can you help me

  • Koa Sadamoo Lepcha

    I lost my Aircel sim soo I want That same number

  • Sham Yash

    i lost my Aircel sim card can i have chance to get from online or i want to visit outlet only

    • Chisho Reaper

      Sir, you have to block your number, then file a police report about your lost sim card. After that, you have to go to an Aircel store and submit the Police report along with your i.d.

  • Saravanan Os

    My sim card id in my friend name. Now by new sim in same number by using my id proof?

    • Chisho Reaper

      No. If the sim card was originally registered under your friend’s name, it is not possible to register it under your name.

  • S.p. Karan

    coimbatore.staff saying yesterday 7 clock activate but still not activate sim very good network

  • Suhasini Garaddi

    Can anyone guide me in getting Aircel Store in Madgao, Goa